Proven Job Creator

As Mayor and Councilman of the City of Glendale since 2005, Ara Najarian has led the fight to create thousands of new jobs by attracting and retaining national company headquarters such as the Yellow Pages, LegalZoom, Whole Foods, Avery Denison,  Service Titan, Applebees, Dine Equity,  Disney, Dreamworks, and IHOP. More than 3,000 new jobs have been created in Glendale since 2010.

Under Ara’s leadership, Glendale was voted as the most business-friendly city by the Los Angeles County Economic Development Corporation, and one of the few cities to have no business tax. Glendale has also seen its commercial, retail, and industrial property vacancies at historic lows.

Public Transit Champion

As a L.A. Metro board member and incoming Metro chair, Ara has brought transit and transportation options in L.A. County to new levels. Metro is currently moving towards completion of 5 mega projects to help residents leave their cars at home and take transit. Future projects Ara is bringing forward include a rail line over the Sepulveda pass, East San Fernando Valley, light rail line, the North San Fernando Valley BRT, the West Santa Ana Branch rail line.  A transit connection to LAX will soon be opening. The Wilshire Subway, and the extension the extension of the Foothill Gold Line are underway.

Glendale will soon be served by a high-quality transit line that Ara has championed. The NOHO to Pasadena BRT will connect Glendale residents to the entire Metro rail and subway system. This BRT will incorporate approximately $20,000,000 in bikeway and pedestrian improvements in the city.

Ara helped secure funding for 5 totally electric transit bussed for use on our B-Line system.

Ara is now chairman of another transportation agency, Metrolink, the commuter rail agency. Ara has voted on buying the safest passenger cars available and pushed for Positive Train Control, which is a special accident avoiding system. He has helped make Metrolink one of the safest commuter rail lines in the nation. He also voted to increase the number of trains serving Antelope Valley, worked to bring a second train station to Bob Hope Airport, and voted to lower ticket prices for the Antelope Valley Metrolink Train. Glendale will soon have 15-minute service to Union Station and the Burbank Airport.

As a member of both the MTA and Metrolink Boards, Ara voted to close or make safe the most dangerous railroad crossings in the region and obtained funds for municipal bus services for the Pasadena Arts Bus, the Burbank Bus, and the Glendale B-Line bus. Ara has led the fight to secure millions in grant funding to install bike lanes and provide safe routes to schools.

Balancing the City Budget

While serving as Mayor and Councilman for the city of Glendale, Ara has had a record of balancing 17 straight budgets along with reducing the size of the Glendale government workforce by 25% to maintain a balanced budget, during which time, the city of Glendale received the highest municipal bond rating by Fitch and Associates, without jeopardizing public services. Glendale also maintains one of the highest general fund reserves in the state.

Prioritizing Community Safety

As a leader in the city of Glendale, Ara has worked closely with law enforcement to make Glendale consistently one of the safest cities in America.  Ara is committed to provide all the resources necessary to support the Glendale Police Department whether it be equipment or additional officers. Glendale would not be the premiere city that it is today without an excellent team of Police and  Fire personnel. He has pushed for innovative projects such as creating a regional DNA crime lab that focuses on “Predictive Policing” which calculates where the next crimes are going to take place within the city and dedicating police to prevent the crime or immediately apprehend the criminals. Ara is working to bring FLOK cameras to neighborhoods which record all incoming and outgoing vehicle license plates to aid in the deterring and apprehending of criminals.

Glendale Fire has one of the best response times of all agencies in the State. We are so good that our neighboring jurisdictions ask Glendale Fire to respond to their emergency calls in critical situations.   Ara has also worked to maintain the city’s class 1 Fire Department, which serves as the dispatching center for most of the San Gabriel Valley.

Affordable Housing

As a proponent of affordable housing for families, seniors the disabled and veterans Ara has helped create and entitle close to 1000 new affordable housing units in Glendale. Ara helped pass a new law that requires every single new housing development to devote at least 15% of the units as affordable.